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$10m to empower carbon project developers

$10m to empower carbon project developers

We have raised $10m, with a singular mission:

Empowering carbon project developers with the tools they need to scale and deliver high-quality credits to the market.

BlueLayer is the industry’s first end-to-end software platform for carbon project developers. Our platform is trusted and used by some of the largest and most innovative project developers globally, who are proactively leaning into software solutions to scale and drive value in their business.

We need more high-quality carbon projects

Growth of carbon markets is not optional. There is scientific consensus that carbon markets will need to scale to over 10 gigatonnes per year by 2050 (~20% of global emissions), a 40x increase from their size today.

Carbon markets are critical to link up large companies that have made Net Zero commitments, with carbon projects that will enable them to achieve impact beyond their own supply chain.

Barriers to scale

There are billions of dollars of new financing flowing into carbon markets, however, most carbon project developers are still grappling with laborious, costly, and time-consuming manual processes, often relying on spreadsheets and archaic data systems that are unfit for the burgeoning carbon economy.

Buyers are willing to pay a premium for high quality carbon credits, backed by solid data they can trust. At the same time, many project developers lack the data systems to effectively measure and showcase the quality of their projects.

BlueLayer has a critical role to play as those projects will need best-in-class software infrastructure to drive scale and ensure transparent and accurate data.

Having spent the past decade investing in climate solutions and working closely with both nature-based and industrial climate projects, I saw first hand the work we need to do to create the right tools for carbon project developers.
Vivian Bertseka,
BlueLayer Co-Founder and Head of Climate

We stand by developers, the true change-makers

BlueLayer helps the most important actors in the carbon markets, the project developers, that are on the ground driving carbon removal, protecting nature, and restoring ecosystems. Their work is not easy and while software won’t solve all of their problems, BlueLayer aspires to become a trusted partner that can help them navigate the many unrecognised challenges of scaling projects.

BlueLayer enables developers to maximise their carbon revenues, digitise their workflows, streamline carbon credit management, and facilitate certification. We work with developers of all stages and throughout the entire project lifecycle, from the pre-feasibility stage to the issuance of credits, the tracking of inventory, and management of orders. Our software helps clients operate a wide range of projects, from reforestation, forest conservation and peatland restoration to frontier solutions like direct air capture and enhanced rock weathering.

BlueLayer is supported by over 50 industry veterans, subject matter experts and climate leaders, who together form an unparalleled community available to our customers.

We are helping some of the world’s largest carbon project developers optimise their revenues, reduce time to market, and manage their portfolio complexity all while enhancing transparency, data accessibility and auditability.

Championing people and the planet

Our growing and mission driven team is comprised of world-class talent from across climate and software and represents over 14 nationalities across our Berlin, London and Athens offices.
Our team is led by Alexander Argyros, CEO, who together with Gerardo Bonilla, CPO, previously built Moonfare, a digital investment platform which manages $2.8bn of assets under management and operates in 24 countries. Vivian Bertseka, our Head of Climate & COO spent over a decade as a climate investor with Generation Investment Management and co-founded Just Climate, the $1.5bn climate-led investment platform.
Our founding team has raised over $200m in capital, invested a total of $5bn in sustainability, attracted teams of over 150 people and built software products used by over 20,000 users. They are joined by VP of Engineering, Alexander De Leon who is the former CTO of Taxfix.

Together, the BlueLayer team aspires to drive scale, transparency and quality in carbon markets, building towards a more sustainable future.

BlueLayer’s team offsite!

BlueLayer’s team offsite!

Our community

When choosing who to partner with, our biggest priority was to join forces with investors who would be mission driven and aligned with our long-term vision.

Our recent seed round of $5.6m was led by European Software VC Point Nine and followed by a group of families and individuals with experience across carbon markets. We thank them for their unwavering alignment and commitment to our mission of empowering project developers.

This round followed a pre-seed raise in late 2022, from individuals including industry-leading CEOs, founders, and climate professionals at the likes of Generation Investment Management, TPG Rise, KKR Climate, SystemIQ, ICE NYSE, Galvanize Climate Solutions, and BloombergNEF.

We can’t do this alone

We support industry-wide efforts that can help drive positive change. The carbon markets need technology innovation at scale to succeed. We believe in partnering with leaders across the ecosystem and already integrate with a range of other ecosystem players, including data providers and registries.

By going together, we go further.

The future

We plan to use our recent funding to expand our platform features to address a wider set of project developer needs. We will also grow our teams in Berlin, London and Athens in roles across engineering, product and operations.

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