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How Permian Global streamlined their carbon management and credit sales using BlueLayer

How Permian Global streamlined their carbon management and credit sales using BlueLayer

Permian faced increasing complexity in their operations, managing some of the largest carbon projects globally while also developing a sizeable portfolio of pipeline projects.

They needed a way to centralise their inventory and sales management, generate insights from their pipeline, and easily share data with internal and external stakeholders.


BlueLayer’s tailored inventory and distribution features enabled Permian to move away from manually entering data into complex spreadsheets, and instead allowed them to connect directly with their registry account.

As a result, Permian also streamlined internal communication, minimised the possibility of errors and got peace-of-mind that their systems are built for scale.

BlueLayer has added value by improving data accessibility and auditability within our carbon sales team by tracking our inventory against our sales orders. We are looking forward to seeing how else we can utilise their interface in the future.
Joshua Holland ,
Business Development Associate
Permian Global: A world leading project developer

Permian is the 3rd largest carbon project developer globally by issuance. Applying the latest science to all parts of the project development process and going above and beyond the requirements set by international standards, Permian Global distinguishes itself by the high quality of its projects.

With conservation activity in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Indonesia and Malaysia, Permian Global is helping to address the climate crisis, protect biodiverse habitats, and empower local communities, whilst contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

Permian’s flagship Katingan Mentaya Project, in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, is one of the largest REDD+ projects globally. It is triple gold certified, commanding some of the highest prices for a project of its kind, largely due to its demonstrable co-benefits.

Image provided by Permian Global

Image provided by Permian Global

Permian’s scale brings complexity

Complex credit inventory & distribution

Permian’s rapid growth made managing their carbon credit inventory, distribution and sales increasingly complex. Like many leading carbon project developers, Permian were reliant on generic software tools, not tailored for the carbon market. This resulted in unnecessarily cumbersome processes such as manually updating their inventory spreadsheets one transaction at a time.

Hindered communication

With such a large team, the absence of a unified central information hub resulted in several challenges. Internal workflows not only incurred unnecessary administrative burden but also led to isolated teams and impeded effective communication within the organisation.

Need for data transparency

Transparency is central to Permian’s project development process. However, lack of connectivity between their data systems as well as with third parties limited their capacity to effectively communicate their impact with internal and external stakeholders. The manual sharing of data across various parties — such as the project implementation team, central office, VVBs, MRV providers, registries, investors, and buyers — resulted in information silos, hindering the availability of consistent data throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Our operations are scaling in terms of size and more importantly, complexity. To ensure we are ready for sustainable and continued success, it was important for us to find a partner that gives us piece of mind and shares our dedication to excellence and quality.
Edward Rumsey,
Managing Partner
Image provided by Permian Global

Image provided by Permian Global

How the Permian team uses BlueLayer

Synchronised, centralised inventory & distribution management

Permian uses BlueLayer to streamline data management, eliminating manual data entry and mitigating the risk of errors. With automatic syncing of data across Permian’s systems, including integrations with registries, they can now efficiently oversee their carbon credit inventory and process orders without the task of manual spreadsheet updates.

The BlueLayer platform also enables Permian to automate away their workflow complexity. Permian’s team can now keep track of their orders, including payment and fulfilment dates, which directly sync with their inventory availability. Their sales team are able to reserve credits and manage their contracts, maintaining full control of their entire sales process and never risking overselling.

Thanks to BlueLayer, our workflow complexity is a thing of the past. They’ve transformed our inventory management and distribution into a streamlined process.
John Peachey,
Head of Special Projects

Improved connectivity

Permian uses BlueLayer as their unified source of truth, providing full visibility, while simultaneously facilitating tailored access rights across different teams. BlueLayer has made cross-team communication easy, reducing the risk of miscommunication.

BlueLayer also enables Permian to make projections and generate insights on a project and portfolio level. This has allowed Permian to expedite their decision making process and improve the confidence in the accuracy of their forecasts.

The ability to quickly generate insights at both project and portfolio levels with BlueLayer has improved our decision-making and boosted our forecast accuracy.
Edward Rumsey,
Managing Partner

Enhanced auditability

Further to providing the team with full visibility over their entire operations, BlueLayer’s auditing features help Permian keep track of all changes made across the organisation and the carbon credit lifecycle. Using BlueLayer, Permian can keep auditable logs and ensure regulatory compliance.

Additionally, the ability to track and communicate one single data set, both internally and externally, helps build trust with 3rd party stakeholders and maximise the pricing potential of credits.

Image provided by Permian Global

Image provided by Permian Global

Our journey together

BlueLayer’s team worked closely with Permian to select the features that best address their needs, seamlessly onboard all their data onto the BlueLayer platform and help Permian’s internal teams such as operations, sales, finance, and legal get the most out of BlueLayer.

The initial onboarding included BlueLayer performing data audits, quality controls and a custom migration from Permian’s legacy tools onto BlueLayer.

BlueLayer now powers Permian’s entire carbon operations across both active and pipeline projects.

Permian is now not only one of the largest but also one of the most innovative project developers globally, proactively leaning into software solutions to scale and drive value in their business.

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Image provided by Permian Global

Image provided by Permian Global

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